B.I.O SPHERE (Business Intelligence and Outcomes)

INNoVA’s Business Intelligence and Outcomes enables businesses to measure and showcase the impact of accessible solutions. The services we offer include:


INNoVA’s dQi empowers businesses to demonstrate the tangible impact of accessibility, diversity, and inclusion across their entire operations. Our proprietary measurement platform integrates ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles and extended supply chain responsibilities, ensuring alignment with standardized and validated ESG data.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each organization, INNoVA’s dQi utilizes customized indicators such as customer retention, productivity, costs, innovation, and diversity. This approach provides evidence-based insights and tailored solutions that showcase the value of accessibility and inclusion. With INNoVA’s dQi measurement process, businesses can unlock their full potential by leveraging data to:

  • Demonstrate the comprehensive value and social impact of implementing accessible solutions.
  • Gain evidence-based insights to identify gaps and opportunities.
  • Showcase progress towards key targets/outcomes, including increased employee and client satisfaction, enhanced productivity, innovation, retention, and overall performance.
  • Accurately measure returns on investment (ROI) from accessibility and inclusion initiatives.
  • Ensure compliance and alignment with standardized and validated ESG data, enhancing sustainability reporting and performance.

Procurement Scorecard

Our Procurement Scorecard allows suppliers to evaluate their stance towards accessibility in procurement practices and processes. Each scoring question will be spread around six key performance indicators that will reflect accessible procurement practices.

The six key indicators include:

  • Accessibility Compliance: Adherence to relevant accessibility regulations and guidelines. 
  • Documentation: Comprehensiveness and clarity of accessibility-related documents. 
  • Training: Effectiveness of accessibility training programs for staff 
  • ESG Commitment: Integration of accessibility within environmental, social, and governance practices. 
  • Usability Confidence: Best Practices implementation to ensure user-friendly experiences. 
  • Facilities management: Accessibility features and maintenance of physical spaces.

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