Inspire your workforce with innovative technologies and a people-centered approach to talent management.

Employment Strategies Exchange (ESX)

A place for Employers and Talent to connect, innovate, and grow, including streamlined access to qualified job candidates to support your business in accessing the talent you need, including skill-based matching and interview services.

Strategic Inclusive Hiring Methodologies (SIHMs)

Delivers virtual or hybrid onboarding models, talent acquisition planning, recommendations for enhanced disability confidence, accessible working models, inclusive by design principles, policy analysis, and review of regional socio-economic sector influencers.

Disabilities Mentoring Experiences (DMX)

Features a proven disabilities mentoring day (DMD) model to attract talent, identify skills, nurture connections, and promote disability confidence. Mentoring builds connections between talent and business and matches employees from business to individuals with disabilities for mentoring and experiential learning opportunities.

Employment Strategies
Exchange Features


Get started with finding or posting a job, and receive access to INNoVA’s talent stream and talent management portal.


Review company profiles, and earn badges from INNoVA’s Disability Confidence Training.

INNoVA Application Management

Utilize skill-based matching, and INNoVA interview services to streamline the hiring and onboarding process.

Employment Strategies Exchange (ESX)

Find the Job that’s Right for You

INNoVA’s Employment Strategies Exchange (ESX) provides a place for Employers and Talent to connect, innovate, and grow.