Accommodation and
Inclusion Management (AIM)

An inclusive employment path to an enhanced workforce

AIM Services

Accommodation and Inclusion Management

Accommodation and Inclusion Management (AIM) is a national managed service that provides support to Canadian businesses to improve the management and implementation of accommodations and workplace adjustments.

With a focus on creating accessible and inclusive workplaces, our service provides:

  • A scalable, comprehensive approach.
  • Access to AIM expert accessibility consultants, and accommodation assessments.
  • Ergonomics
  • Mental health
  • Assistive/Adaptive technology
  • Flexible/hybrid work
  • Return to work
  • Accommodation policy, procedure and practices
  • Proactive and responsive interventions to improve the management and implementation of workplace adjustments, including practical solutions designed for all environments.

Average Cost


The average cost of accommodations or workplace adjustments is approximately $400.

Employee Satisfaction


On average, 89% of individuals who accessed AIM services would recommend it to others.

Improved Productivity


On average, 73% of employees with disabilities expressed an increase in productivity after receiving workplace accommodations.

AIM Managed Service Levels

Accommodation and Inclusion Management (AIM) is a nationally managed service for businesses looking to improve the management of workplace accommodations and adjustments.

Our services are customizable to meet your business needs, from AIM expert consultation to end-to-end organizational support with accommodation policy and practice.

AIM Direct

Rapid response – AIM Accessibility Consultants will deliver fast, effective solutions to remove workplace barriers, including support with the identification and implementation of accommodations, and assessments.

AIM provides a range of accommodation, and assessment options, including:

  • AIM consultations, with expertise in:
  • Ergonomics
  • Mental health
  • Assistive/Adaptive technology
  • Ergonomics Consultations
  • Accommodation Assessments
  • Functional Assessments & Return to Work

AIM Interact

Engage Expertise – Enhanced collaboration between client organizations and AIM Accessibility Consultants, including:

  • Explore, identify and customize a range of accommodation options for employees
  • Return to work strategy development
  • Implementation of adaptive or technical tools

AIM Balance

Collaborative Consulting – Moving beyond the individual employee, AIM Accessibility Consultants provide support for businesses looking to become more accessible at an organizational level. Support can include:

  • Accessibility audits for both technology and built environment
  • Analysis of current organizational policies and practices to ensure they reflect best practices for inclusion and accessibility
  • Guidance in implementing provincial legislation and the Accessible Canada Act (ACA)

AIM Intelligence

Evidence-Based Effectiveness – Accommodation and Inclusion Management (AIM) offers a customized roadmap to identify gaps, opportunities, and areas for continuous improvement in your accommodations policy, process, and practice through an evidence-based approach using measurement and research. Our service includes:

  • Review and evaluation of client organization accommodation practice, including measurement of employee satisfaction, effectiveness, and gap analysis
  • Best practices around legislation, and compliance with ACA, measurement policy/process
  • Have confidence in your IDEA’s (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) with our dQi smart technology to query diversity and inclusion