An ergonomic desk space with a desk riser with a laptop and microphone.
Managing Accommodation Requests

  • Understanding the employee experience
  • Navigating accommodation requests successfully
  • Inquiring about staff needs with confidence

A person sitting in a chair using a computer on their lap next to a bright window.
Is Accommodation Right For Me?

  • How to set yourself up for success at work
  • Understanding your rights and responsibilities
  • Interacting with team members who utilize accommodations

Two people wearing masks touching elbows in a brightly lit office space.
Beyond Accessibility: Creating a Culture of Inclusion

  • Understanding the business advantage of accessibility
  • How to become a more inclusive workplace
  • Using accessible practices to build on success in an ever-changing environment

A group of three people at a desk with computers in front of them in a brightly lit and spacious room.
Sorry Not Sorry: Diversity within Disability

  • An unapologetic discussion about diversity within disability
  • What if you do or say something wrong?
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable